US DUNE Near Detector Effort Workshop

CPB303 (University of Texas at Arlington)


University of Texas at Arlington


This workshop is designed to flesh out US group roles in the near detector efforts.  The primary goals of the workshop are for the facilitators to lead a first pass at defining possible US scope within the tasks via answering the following handful of questions which will be useful in moving toward a concrete proposal by the end of the year.

  • How would each entire task, international and US, break into components?  
  • What are realistic candidate US components?  
  • How do they leverage international contributions?  
  • What US groups are interested in contributing?  
  • What are the capabilities of the groups?  
  • What’s missing from the US side?  
  • What work over the summer needs to be done?  

  • Alan Bross
  • Alysia Marino
  • Andrew Furmanski
  • Andrew Mastbaum
  • Ben Jones
  • Chang Kee Jung
  • Chris Marshall
  • Christopher Mauger
  • Dan Dwyer
  • Gregory Pawloski
  • Guang Yang
  • hirohisa tanaka
  • Jaehoon Yu
  • Jennifer Raaf
  • Jonathan Asaadi
  • Kam-Biu Luk
  • Kazuhiro Terao
  • Kendall Mahn
  • Knut Skarpaas
  • Larry Isenhower
  • Leon Mualem
  • Mark Convery
  • Michael Mooney
  • Michael Wilking
  • Mike Kordosky
  • Richard Gran
  • Ryan Patterson
  • Steven Manly
  • Tim Bolton
  • Will Flanagan
  • Xiao Luo
  • Yasar Onel
  • Zoya Vallari
Jae Yu and Jonathan Asaadi