10-11 June 2019
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
US/Central timezone
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Contribution Oral

Signal processing in the protoDUNE-SP LArTPC



Primary authors


ProtoDUNE-SP, the prototype of the single-phase DUNE far detector, is constructed and operated at the CERN Neutrino Platform with total liquid argon (LAr) mass of 0.77 kt and using full-scale components of the design for DUNE. The physics program of protoDUNE-SP aims to understand and control the systematic uncertainties for future oscillation measurements at DUNE, the charged-particle beam test allows to measure the detector calorimetric response for hadronic and electromagnetic showers, to study secondary particle production and argon-hadron cross sections, to evaluate and improve particle identification mechanisms and validate Monte Carlo simulations. In a liquid argon time-projection chamber(LArTPC) ionization electrons from a charged-particle track drift towards the wire planes, the induced current in the wire is readout and digitized by low-noise electronics. In this talk, we present the noise filtering and the signal processing techniques in protoDUNE-SP by which the digitized raw waveform is processed to recover the original ionization signal in charge and time.