LArSoft Workshop 2019

PPD/ Hornet's Nest (Fermilab)

PPD/ Hornet's Nest


Erica Snider (Fermilab)
Note: if your interest is just in day one, or just in day 2, that is fine.

Session 1:  LArSoft tutorial (afternoon of day 1)  Provide the basic knowledge and tools for navigating, using, writing and contributing LArSoft code

Session 2:  Multi-threading and vectorization (starts on day 2)  Multi-threading and vectorization targeting CPUs and grid processing, giving people the background and tools needed to approach the code and start thinking about making their code thread safe, trying to address memory issues, vectorizing, etc.

Session 3: Long-term vision for LArSoft (afternoon of day 2) To discuss idea and concerns about how LArSoft should evolve as we move toward the era of DUNE data-taking.

The target audience includes both beginning and more advanced users of LArSoft. All interested LArSoft users and developers are invited to register and attend. Remote attendance will be supported via ZOOM. PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android:

Before joining the meeting, please turn off your microphone and video. Instructions on how to do this are available at:  Please direct any comments or questions to

  • Afroditi Papadopoulou
  • Aleena Rafique
  • Andre Fabiano Steklain Lisboa
  • Anna Mazzacane
  • Avinay Bhat
  • Bruce Baller
  • David Vanegas Forero
  • Erica Snider
  • Gabriela Vitti Stenico
  • Gianluca Petrillo
  • Giuseppe Cerati
  • Greg de Souza
  • Hakan Solak
  • Herbert Greenlee
  • Ivan Caro Terrazas
  • Jairo Rodríguez
  • Katrina Miller
  • Kenneth Herner
  • Kyle Knoepfel
  • Lu Ren
  • Luke Pickering
  • Lynn Garren
  • Mariano Chaves
  • Marina Reggiani-Guzzo
  • Marta Babicz
  • Michael Kirby
  • Munerah Alrashed
  • Pedro de Holanda
  • Pedro Dedin Neto
  • Pedro Simoni Pasquini
  • Polina Abratenko
  • Rafaela Ramos Sarmento
  • Ralitsa Sharankova
  • Ranjan Dharmapalan
  • Samantha Sword-fehlberg
  • Sophie Berkman
  • Thomas Junk
  • Thomas Mettler
  • Tingjun Yang
  • Varuna Crishan Meddage
  • Wanwei Wu
  • Xu Yang
  • Yeon-jae Jwa