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DAQ coordination team meeting


Attending: G.Lehmann, A.Thea, B.King, A.Habig, D.Newbold, J.Brooke, J.Klein, J.Novy, K.Hennessy, K.Biery, P.Rodriguez, R.Sipos.

Absent: G.Karageorgi, S.Peeters, G.Barr.


  • WG meeting schedule: Timesharing for meetings slots agreed as in shown table. WG coordinators are invited to start the activities. Whenever possible meeting should be short, focussed and prepared to limit the impact on the overall available resources.
  • ProtoDUNE Support: Experienced people will be contacted directly for initial DAQ on call support. Training for new DAQ collaborators will be organised (e.g. during DAQ testing weeks), to maximise load sharing and ensure many people become well acquainted with the present system (also in order to suggest things that should be different in DUNE)

Actions for next CT meeting

  1. Feedback on WBS to Giovanna and Alessandro by the end of the week (Friday 6th) to be discussed at the next CT meeting.
  2. Feedback about ESNet to Bonnie
  3. Feedback on WG mandates to Giovanna and Alessandro
  4. Suggestions for Collaboration Week DAQ Parallel Session contributions
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