Neutrino Task Force Meeting

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 from to (US/Central)
at Building 360 ( A-224 )

To join the meeting on a computer or mobile phone:

Phone Dial-in +1.866.226.4650 (US Toll Free)

Global Numbers:

Meeting ID:  904 121 774

Neutrino Task Force – volunteers and ex officio:
Jimmy Proudfoot (facilitator)
Jinlong Zhang
Norm Rendon
Maury Goodman
Carlos Wagner
Peter van Gemmeren
Jeremy Love
Peter Winter
Jianjie Zhang
Vic Guarino
Zelimir Djurcic
Steve Magill
Rich Talaga
Yuri Oksuzian
Bob Wagner
Harry Weets
Karen Byrum
Salman Habib (ex officio)
Kawtar Hafidi (ex office)


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