Oct 2 – 4, 2019
Argonne National Laboratory
US/Central timezone

While the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics has been so far very successful in describing measured data at hadron colliders such as the LHC, numerous questions remain unanswered. Searching for subtle deviations from SM predictions with the high-luminosity LHC may be the key in guiding us beyond the SM paradigm.  One way of parametrizing high-scale new physics effects to search for such deviations is through the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT).  This workshop will bring together world-leading experts to discuss the latest results and developments in this field. It will focus on how different beyond-the-SM theories can be parametrized in SMEFT, the role of higher-order corrections in SMEFT as LHC data becomes more precise, and what measurements will be possible at the LHC in the future.

The workshop will be held on October 2-4, 2019 in the HEP division of Argonne National Laboratory, Bldg 362, room F-108. For any additional details or questions please contact Radja Boughezal.

Local Organizing Committee

Radja Boughezal (Chair, ANL)
Walter Hopkins (ANL)
Jeremy Love (ANL)
Ian Low (ANL/NU)
Frank Petriello (ANL/NU)
Carlos Wagner (ANL/Chicago)



Argonne National Laboratory
Building 362/Conference Room F-108
9700 South Cass Avenue Lemont, Illinois 60439
  • Radja Boughezal