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As DOE O 142.3A, Unclassified Foreign Visits and Assignments Program (FVA) applies not only to physical access to DOE sites, technologies, and equipment, but also information, all remote events hosted by Fermilab must comply with FVA requirements. This includes participant registration and agenda review. Please contact Melissa Ormond, FVA Manager, with any questions.

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Registrants List

53 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Akira Konaka TRIUMF
Alyssa Miller Fermilab
Amit Bashyal Oregon State University
Athula Wickremasinghe Fermilab
Bob Zwaska Fermilab
Cory Crowley Fermilab
Dan Wilcox STFC
Dave Pushka Fermilab
Eric Baussan CNRS-IN2P3/Université de Strasbourg
Eric Harvey-Fishenden STFC - RAL
Eric Zimmerman University of Colorado
Gabriel Santucci York University
George Lolov FNAL
Gianni Tassotto FNAL
James Hylen Fermilab
Jilei Sun Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jonathan Lewis Fermilab
Jonathan Paley Fermilab
Joseph Angelo FNAL
Kamran Vaziri FNAL
Katsuya Yonehara Fermilab
Kavin Ammigan Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Keith Gollwitzer Fermilab
Kris Anderson Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Larry Bartoszek Bartoszek Engineering
Laura Fields Fermilab
Lukas Berns Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mandy Rominsky Fermilab
Mark Hartz Kavli IPMU (WPI), University of Tokyo/TRIUMF
Mary Bishai Brookhaven National Laboratory
Matej Pavin TRIUMF
Matthew Slabaugh Fermilab
Megan Friend KEK
Michael Campbell Fermilab
Michael Parkin Science and Technology Facilities Council
Naritoshi Kawamura KEK/J-PARC
Nikolai Mokhov Fermilab
Nikolaos Vassilopoulos IHEP/CAS, Beijing
Patrick Hurh FNAL
Randy Thurman-Keup Fermilab
Salman Tariq Fermilab
Sam Childress Fermilab
Sujit Bidhar Fermi National Accelerator Lab
Takashi Honjo Osaka City University
Takeshi Nakadaira KEK
Taku Ishida J-PARC/KEK
Tetsuro Sekiguchi KEK
Thomas Kobilarcik FNAL/AD/EBD
Vladimir Sidorov Fermilab
Yuichi Oyama KEK/J-PARC
Yun He Fermilab
Zarko Pavlovic Fermilab