DUNE Computing Workshop I - Data Model

2-160 (Physics Department Building 510, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY)


Physics Department Building 510, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY

Brookhaven National Lab Upton, NY 11973
Andrew McNab (University of Manchester), Heidi Schellman (Oregon state), Mary Bishai (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Michael Kirby (FNAL)

The goal of the 1st DUNE Computing Workshop is to start the process of developing the DUNE Data Model in preparation for CD2. The DUNE data model includes the event model, the data handling framework, databases and datastreams. The discussion will also include the DAQ design and the interface with the data model.

A second workshop on Infrastructure will be held at Fermilab September 9-11, 2019

All participants who are Non-U.S. Citizens without a valid BNL guest ID must complete an additional BNL Guest Registration form by July 12 and be approved in the BNL Guest Information System (GIS) to attend this workshop.


Working document



  • Andre Fabiano Steklain Lisboa
  • Andrew McNab
  • Andrew Norman
  • Anna Mazzacane
  • Brett Viren
  • Carl Bromberg
  • Chao Zhang
  • Cheng-Ju Lin
  • David Adams
  • Dmitri Denisov
  • Dmitry Arkhipkin
  • Georgia Karagiorgi
  • Haiwang Yu
  • Heidi Schellman
  • Igor Mandrichenko
  • Kurt Biery
  • Line Pouchard
  • Mary Bishai
  • Maxim Potekhin
  • Michael Kirby
  • Norm Buchanan
  • Paul Laycock
  • Pengfei Ding
  • Peter Clarke
  • Peter van Gemmeren
  • Robert Illingworth
  • Stephen White
  • Steve Kettell
  • Steven Timm
  • Thomas Junk
  • Torre Wenaus
  • victor Perevoztchikov
  • Vladimir Tishchenko
  • Wesley Ketchum
  • Zelimir Djurcic