lecture Joint luminosity task force meeting
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - 14:30 (US/Central)
The Agenda is:

1) Recent history of luminosity ratio and expected vs delivered luminosities
Vaia Papadimitriou, 5 minutes

2) Separator scan and lattice measurements
Jerry Annala, 5 minutes

3) Shot setup improvements group
Cons Gattuso, 5 minutes

4) D0 luminosity detector status and stability
Yuji Enari, 10 minutes

5) CDF luminosity detector status and stability
Yuri Oksuzian, 10 minutes

6)  Update on CDF beamwidth/beam position measurements
Chunlei Liu, 10 minutes

7) Update on D0 beamwidth/beam position measurements
Avdhesh Chandra, 5 minutes

8) D0 operations at high luminosity
George Ginther, 5 minutes

9) CDF operations at high luminosity
Phil Schlabach, 5 minutes 
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 14:30 ->15:30 Talks    

 Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Talks (14:30 ->15:30 )
Material: CDF performance at high luminosity powerpoint file D0 operating at high luminosity pdf file Proposed Changes to Collider Shot Setup powerpoint file Tevatron Status pdf file Vaia_CDF-D0-ratio pdf file Yuji_D0LumiOpReport pdf file Yuri_CLC_Status pdf file avdhesh_2008-SEP-24_TaskforceMeet.pdf pdf file chunlei_cdf-beamwidth-update pdf file