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LArSoft Coordination Meeting



Erica Snider (Fermilab), Saba Sehrish (Fermilab)

To connect via Zoom:  Meeting ID 831-443-820

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At Fermilab:  WH7X (Racetrack)

Minutes for LArSoft coordination meeting on September 24, 2019

Present | Vito Lynn Garren, Saba Sehrish, Erica Snider, Kyle Knoepfel, Herbert Greenlee, Robert Hatcher|

Remote | Katherine Lato, Heidi Schellman, Rob Kutschke, Patrick Gartung, Bruce Baller, Ben Morgan, Tracy Usher, Giuseppe Cerati, Paul Russo|

Release and Project status report [Erica Snider]

  • Last week release was 08_31_00, this is the first release with root 6_18_04
    • Requires using native Cocoa graphics on Mac OS
  • There are breaking changes
    • Lynn will update the releases page for breaking changes information.
  • There are no requests so far this week.
  • Python 3
    • FIFE intends to move to Python 3 early next year, jobsub script will be using older python
    • LArSoft already has py3 qualifier to select Python 3, was hoping to get it done sooner.
    • Experiments should use larsoft with py3 qualifier and report any issues to FIFE
  • There was discussion about Mac OS support.
    • Scisoft plans to drop support for Mac OS due to low demoand, high effort required, loss of available effort
    • no time line was announced for the change, and is expected to occure by the end of this year
    • level of support will downgrade to known to work
    • Scisoft team will focus effort to modernizing our code, HPC etc
    • committed to ensuring that art/larsoft runs on any/all platforms needed by the experiments
    • Welcome contributions that would provide full, official support for any other OS
    • Will document contanierized solutions
    • Rob K mentioned that mu2e ran software tutorial, and there were 40 people who were able to use the docker container without a problem
    • Bruce Baller mentioned about the Xcode support, profiling and debugging tools that are convenient and better
    • There was discussion with Heidi Schellman about how to get information to end user e.g. about debugging tools that is made available by the Scisoft team
    • [TODO] We will send out the information about profiling, debugging tools.

DUNE data model and implications for LArSoft [Heidi Schellman (Oregon state)]

  • DUNE is big
  • APA, 2560 channels => 30 MB/readout/APA uncompressed, 12 MB compressed
  • protoDUNE raw data size - about 75 MB
  • Challenge: far detector is 25 times protoDUNE
    • 1-6 GB per 10kt module
    • 5000 per day
    • 3-10 ms readouts
    • Adds up to 1.6 GB/sec
    • 12 PB/year/module uncompressed x 4 modules
    • Expect one supernovae trigger per month, 100 s readout
    • 4 modules=460TB/event, takes 10hrs to read at 100 GB/s
    • Calibrations will be similar in size and scope
  • Main problem is how to deal with supernovae events
    • Can break into APA chunks to better understand an interaction, but then need to reassemble them to interpret events
  • Part size
    • Noise filtering requires > 100 samples for Fourier analysis
    • 2D deconvolution requires many adjacent wires
    • Signal processing is per APA
  • Reco workflow
  • Issues
    • what is an event?
    • For ND, need to stitch 2-3 detectors together
    • each APA take 30s, can do parallel, or sequential
  • ICARUS is in the same boat, 55K channels.
    • current plan is to read out each TPC separately, changed simulation already
    • planning parallel processing of TPCs for some steps
  • memory issue: SNB: Need to have 2 time slices in mem together to do transform w/o edge effects
  • art vs LArSoft question
    • [Question] at what point are we hitting the framework limitations?
    • [Answer] Parallel processing not a problem. The what is an event question is the hard one. What is the best way of presenting a usable processing unit to the user for doing physics? .
  • ON ICARUS side, deconvolution is on TPC basis, track reco is on cryostat basis, but analyzers want a unified view.
There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 9:00 AM 9:20 AM
      Release and project report 20m
      Speaker: Dr Erica Snider (Fermilab)
    • 9:20 AM 9:50 AM
      DUNE data model and implications for LArSoft 30m
      Speaker: Heidi Schellman (Oregon state)
    • 9:50 AM 10:10 AM
      (TBC) Validation of recent PID changes 20m
      Speaker: Dr Kirsty Duffy (Fermilab)