The workshop will bring together leading researchers in an interactive environment with the aim of significantly increasing the confidence in cosmological analyses of the neutrino sector. The emphasis of the workshop will be on the neutrino unknowns that cosmology can help to address and how that objective might be achieved. This workshop will focus on the requirements that non-cosmological communities would like to have in place in order for cosmological constraints, or discoveries (if we are lucky), to be considered reliable.

Such a workshop is very timely, due to the advent of next-generation facilities devoted to neutrino science. To ground the basis of a common language to be spoken by different communities will facilitate the full exploitation of the rich dataset expected in the near future. The exploration of the BSM physics territory, of which the neutrino sector is the nearest corner, is a major challenge for research in fundamental physics. Addressing this challenge would enormously benefit from a collaborative approach, as outlined above.

We anticipate a document with a summary discussion of the main highlights of the workshop. The main themes identified during the workshop will be reported concisely. We envisage such a document as a preparatory study to the upcoming Snowmass and P5 activities. 

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