Neutrino 2020 Theory OverTime - Cancelled

One West (Wilson Hall)

One West

Wilson Hall


Due to the COVID-19 situation, Neutrino 2020 Theory OverTime has been cancelled.  Refunds will be issued. Please note there are refunds being issued for all meetings with limited staff so refund time will be slow. We appreciate your patience in advance. 

"Neutrino 2020 Theory OverTime" is organized by the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department to discuss the results presented at Neutrino 2020 and their implications on neutrino physics.

The rich landscape of neutrino experiments, at present and in the future, spans several areas in neutrino physics, including oscillations, mass measurements, Dirac vs. Majorana nature, astrophysics and cosmology. It is crucial to extract the most physics out of these experiments and strengthen the ties between the theoretical and experimental communities.

In Nu2020TOT, the topics under discussion will include leptonic CP violation and oscillation physics; neutrinoless double beta decay; neutrino-nucleus scattering cross sections; new physics, including sterile neutrinos, novel interactions and dark matter; flavor and neutrino mass models; and leptogenesis.This workshop is supported by the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department.

Limited funding for local expenses may be available upon request.

Due to space limitations, the number of participants is capped at 150.

Note: All slides will be published at Zenodo under a Creative Commons license after the conference.

Local organizers: Pedro Machado and Stephen Parke.

  • Bhaskar Dutta
  • Carlos Argüelles
  • Cedric Weiland
  • Daine Danielson
  • Goran Senjanovic
  • Greg de Souza
  • Ivan Martinez Soler
  • Julia Gehrlein
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Kohta Murase
  • Manibrata Sen
  • Matheus Hostert
  • Matt Toups
  • Pedro Machado
  • Peter Denton
  • Ryan Plestid
  • Sankagiri Umasankar
  • Serguey Petcov
  • Shao-Feng Ge
  • Silvia Pascoli
  • Stefan Hoeche
  • Stephen Parke
  • Suprabh Prakash
  • Walter Tangarife
  • Yu-Dai Tsai
  • Yuber Perez
  • Zahra Tabrizi