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June 2020 SBND Collaboration Meeting; Zoom


This meeting will occur online during two morning sessions (in the US) on June 17-18.

  • Ala Zglam
  • Andrew Furmanski
  • Andrew Scarff
  • Anne Schukraft
  • Anthony Ezeribe
  • Anyssa Navrer-Agasson
  • Bonnie Fleming
  • Chris Backhouse
  • Clara Cuesta
  • Clark Griffith
  • Costas Andreopoulos
  • David Payne
  • David Rivera
  • David Schmitz
  • Diana Patricia Mendez
  • Domenico Franco
  • Elizabeth Worcester
  • Gabriela Vitti Stenico
  • Georgia Chisnall
  • Giacomo Scanavini
  • Heather Ray
  • Iker de Icaza Astiz
  • Inés Gil-Botella
  • Jaroslaw Nowak
  • Joel Mousseau
  • Jonathan Asaadi
  • Joseph Zennamo
  • Joshua Klein
  • José Ignacio Crespo-Anadón
  • Julia Tena Vidal
  • Kostas Mavrokoridis
  • Laura Paulucci Marinho
  • Lee Hagaman
  • Linda Bagby
  • Luis Mora Lepin
  • Marco Del Tutto
  • Marco Roda
  • Maria Cecilia Bazetto
  • Marina Reggiani-Guzzo
  • Mateus F. Carneiro
  • Matthew Toups
  • Matthew Worcester
  • Minerba Betancourt
  • Monica Nunes
  • Nicola McConkey
  • Ornella Palamara
  • Patrick Green
  • Peter Wilson
  • Roberto Acciarri
  • Rory Fitzpatrick
  • Steven Dytman
  • Vincent Basque
  • Vinicius do Lago Pimentel
  • Vishvas Pandey
  • Will Foreman
  • William Badgett Badgett
  • William Louis
Hosts: Ornella Palamara and Dave Schmitz
The agenda of this meeting is empty