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2020 FCRSG (Formerly SCPMT) Review

from Monday, May 4, 2020 (7:55 AM) to Tuesday, May 5, 2020 (3:20 PM)
Fermilab (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))

        : Sessions
    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
May 4, 2020
May 5, 2020
8:00 AM
Executive Session (until 8:15 AM) (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
8:15 AM
Division Presentations (until 10:35 AM) (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
8:15 AM Welcome, Charge, and Follow up from Last Year's Recommendations - Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
8:45 AM How CMS Reports to the CRSG Board at CERN - Dr Oliver Gutsche (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
9:00 AM Compute Services - Joe Boyd (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
9:30 AM Storage Services - Dr Robert Illingworth (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
10:00 AM Facility Services - Dr Glenn Cooper (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
10:15 AM R&D Efforts - Dr James Amundson (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
10:20 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:40 AM Discussion with Division   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
8:00 AM
Executive Session (until 8:30 AM) (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
8:30 AM discussion with division   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
9:00 AM
other neutrino and muon (until 9:50 AM) (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
9:00 AM NOvA - Dr Gavin S. Davies (Indiana University)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
9:30 AM Muon g-2 - Dr Adam Lyon (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
9:50 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:05 AM
Discussion with Division (until 10:45 AM) (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
10:45 AM --- Closed Session for Committee ---
12:00 PM --- lunch ---
12:30 PM
Liquid Argon Experiments + mu2e (until 2:20 PM) (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
12:30 PM mu2e - Dr Rob Kutschke (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
12:50 PM DUNE - Dr Michael Kirby (FNAL)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
1:20 PM MicroBooNE - Dr Herbert Greenlee (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
1:40 PM SBN: ICARUS and SBND - Dr Wesley Ketchum (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
2:20 PM --- Coffee break ---
2:35 PM
Externally Funded Experiments (until 3:35 PM) (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
2:35 PM CMS - Dr David Mason (FNAL)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
2:55 PM DES Request Summary - Elizabeth Buckley-Geer (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
3:15 PM LSST - Brian Yanny (FNAL)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))
12:00 PM Closeout Report - Dr Pushpalatha Bhat (Fermilab)   (WH13NW (Monday)/ WH13SW (Tuesday))