Apr 15 – 19, 2024
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
America/Chicago timezone

Welcome to the 6th Workshop on the Operation of Large Vacuum Systems (OLAV). OLAV workshops are tailored for professionals engaged in the design and operation of expansive vacuum systems, with a particular focus on their application in particle accelerators and facilities of Gravitational Wave Observations. However, we extend a warm invitation to experts from various fields to join us, as we believe that the challenges posed by large-scale systems, encompassing numerous components and vast volumes, transcend disciplinary boundaries.

The spectrum of vacuum systems under discussion spans from high vacuum to extreme high vacuum (XHV) and low particulate vacuum for SRF. For instance, we explore topics such as the vacuum isolation systems employed in large cryogenic setups and the particle beam transport conduits integral to particle accelerators.

Our workshop is designed to foster the exchange of practical insights pertaining to the design, installation, and operation of vacuum systems. The primary format comprises oral presentations enriched by in-depth discussions. In previous iterations, we have found the combination of presentations on best practices alongside discussions of specific failure cases to be exceptionally enlightening.

Furthermore, we've included topical discussions on material properties and the unique challenges posed by specific vacuum components, and quality control. A noteworthy addition to this year's workshop is the exploration of vacuum systems characterized by minimal particulate contamination. An increasing number of projects now demand such contamination-free systems. This requirement arises, for instance, in cases where superconducting surfaces must endure exceedingly high radiofrequency fields or in the use of high-quality mirrors for the transportation of high-intensity photon beams.

The workshop agenda will encompass a broad array of topics, ranging from updates on major international facilities and institutes to the valuable lessons derived from past operational experiences.

Join us at the 6th Workshop on the Operation of Large Vacuum Systems (OLAV) as we embark on a journey to explore and learn together.

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