Skipper-CCD boldly goes where no one has gone before

Dark Side (WH6NW) (Fermilab)

Dark Side (WH6NW)



Skipper-CCD can achieve deep sub-electron readout noise making it possible the absolute determination of the exact number of ionized electrons in a large full range, from 0 to above 1800 electrons.
In this talk we present a novel technique that exploits this unique capability of Skipper-CCDs to allow amazing feats of self-calibration and the ultimate determination of silicon properties.
This technique allowed us to obtain an absolute measurement of the variance and the mean number of the charge distribution produced by X-Rays from an 55Fe.
Thus, obtaining the first Fano factor absolute measurement in Si and electron-hole pair creation energy.
We'll also discuss preliminary measurements at lower energies by using X-Rays from Al (1.5 keV) fluorescence already showing the capability of this technology to boldly go where no one has gone before..