Attendees: Andy, Matevz, Ilija, Derek, Edgar, DiegoD, Marian, BrianL, Mat, Riccardo

* Small workshop session on "How your jobs are using caches" during our next XCache DevOps meeting
* ATLAS is organizing informal/internal meeting on caches similar we want, may (or may not) happen sometime next week, too

XRootD development for XCache
* various fixed rolling in, proxy servers when auth fails (GSI-related) and more
* TLS/cyphers things made it to 4.11.3 plus 5 series

* nothing to report

ATLAS XCache deployment
* working stable

CMS XCache deployment
* nothing to report

* planning phase and meeting with FNAL next week
* we could report status summary bi-weekly about

OSG StashCache deployment
* tests in progress v5
* new stable container for StashCache (includes v4.11.3)

* Riccardo will provide status on the efforts in Escape project, tentative date is May 7th, 2020
* ZOOM.US connection become password protected, will share magic string in the next announcements