Introductory Meeting with Electron-Ion Collider (EIC)

BlueJeans video conference:

Attendees: Jerome Lauret (chair), Miron Livny, Rob Gardner, Frank Wuerthwein, Paschalis Paschos, Thomas Ullrich, Amber Boehnlein, Graham Heyes, Markus, Diefenthaler, Torre Wenaus, Andrea Bressan


Meeting between EIC reps and members of the OSG ET. Good communication and productive meeting. Presenttation by Markus Diefenthaler a EIC introduction.

A few emerging action items

  • Provide submit hosts on both JLab/ BNL sides. Add one hosted at CNAF (INFN) later.  

    • Submission from through the submit host from a lab vetted account will NOT require CERTIficates (if OSGConnect is desired, it WILL). Note - the EIC like a VO i.e. a group in the OSG hierarchy. Not pushing access via CERT implies the OSG negotiates the resources, not the VO.

    • We need names / POC from both labs

    • 1 Milion hours or so suggested as a start

  • Leverage OSG Data Federation (and caches) to allow datasets to be accessible from anywhere/everywhere 

    • 100 TB cache / storage. Data brought back to institution. Namespace merging JLab/BNL possible

  • Other

    • Possible use of containers via singularity many places (if required, will restrict to a subset of resources)

    • CVMFS - agreed to use BNL’s Stratum 0  fornow (access to Stratum 0 write for more users brought up - will follow-up)

    • Majority of sites have CVMFS available

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    • 3:30 PM 3:50 PM
      Introduction to EIC 20m
      Speaker: Markus Diefenthaler