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28-30 July 2020
America/Chicago timezone

Review of the DUNE-SP anode plane assembly (APA) shipping box preliminary design

Review Information
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Charge Letter
Remote (Zoom)

Public sessions Zoom: 4577185976 Executive sessions: 6313445323

Marcel Borcean, Andrew Brosnahan, Syd Devries, Bill Miller, Andy Stefanik, Jim Stewart (Chair), Dave Warner

Steve Kettell, Philippe Farthouat, Sam Zeller, Mary Bishai, Mike Andrews, Kevin Fahey, Terri Shaw, Kyle Zeug, Olga Beltramello, Giuseppe Gallo, Jean-Louis Grenard, Mariana Zimbru, Dimitar Mladenov, Jack Fowler,  Filippo Resnati, Patrick Weber, Gina Rameika,  Eric James, Jolie Macier, Marzio Nessi (ex-officio)