Topical Workshop on QCD Structure of Nucleons in the Modern Era

4-330 (UCLA PAB Building)


UCLA PAB Building

UCLA Physics and Astronomy, 475 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles CA 90095
Zhongbo Kang (University of California Los Angeles)
The fundamental laws of QCD are elegantly concise; however, understanding the structural complexity of nucleons in terms of quarks and gluons governed by those laws is one of the most important challenges facing subatomic physics today, and is of fundamental importance in science. There have been tremendous advancements and breakthroughs following the vast investigations in the last few decades. Current and future projects at world facilities, such as RHIC at Brookhaven National Lab and CEBAF at Jefferson Lab, and the planned electron-ion collider (EIC) in the US, will undoubtedly provide new opportunities to further deepen our understanding of the fundamental questions associated with QCD structure of nucleons. In particular, the EIC will provide unprecedented precision in exploring the nucleon structure and address many of the outstanding questions. In line with these experimental advances and future plans, we envision that the theory developments must follow.

We intend to gather a small group of experts working on QCD to discuss the current status of the theoretical developments, and future perspectives. We will mainly focus on recent developments on the nucleon tomography, in particular theory and phenomenology of confined motion of quarks and gluons inside the nucleons, encoded in the transverse momentum dependent distributions (TMDs). The meeting will be organized in an informal way, mainly focusing on the exchange of ideas.

The workshop will be held at UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy, which is located in the Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB) and Knudsen Hall. PAB and Knudsen Hall are connected and located northewest of the intersection between Hilgard Avenue and Westholme Avenue. To view an interactive campus map, visit the UCLA maps website. The conference room will be on the fourth floor of PAB building, room 4-330.

The workshop is made possible through a support from newly established Mani L. Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCLA. For more information about the institute, visit the institute homepage.

Organizers: Zhongbo Kang (UCLA), Jianwei Qiu (JLab), Feng Yuan (LBL).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the local organizer: [email protected]
  • Alexei Prokudin
  • Andrea Signori
  • Christopher Lee
  • Daniel Pitonyak
  • Duff Neill
  • Felix Ringer
  • George Sterman
  • Hongxi Xing
  • Huan Huang
  • Iain Stewart
  • Jianwei Qiu
  • John Collins
  • John Terry
  • Leonard Gamberg
  • Mao Zeng
  • Nobuo Sato
  • Sean Fleming
  • Shinsuke Yoshida
  • Stanley J. Brodsky
  • Ted Rogers
  • Thomas Mehen
  • Yaroslav Balytskyi
  • Zhongbo Kang
  • Zvi Bern