Building 240

Building 240


The LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration will host its third Hack/Sprint meeting, continuing a series that plays a vital role in the work of the collaboration. These five-day meetings are very active: the focus is on Hack and Sprint Projects that bring together members of the collaboration to make progress on the most important challenges we face. This next meeting will come at a crucial time, as we will enter the DC2 phase and will be looking to get off to the best possible start.

If you are interested in getting involved in a Hack but are not a DESC member, please consider joining.  Visit to learn about our Membership Policy, the different levels of membership, and to access the application form.

We will host the next meeting at Argonne National Laboratory on December 4-8, 2017. The meeting will be held in the Theory and Computing Sciences Building (Building 240).
Thanks to the support received from LSSTC and Argonne National Laboratory, this collaboration meeting is offered with no registration fee.
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  • Adrian Pope
  • Alex Drlica-Wagner
  • Alex Malz
  • Andrew Benson
  • Andrew Hearin
  • Anna Elisabeth Krause
  • Antonino Troja
  • Bhishan Poudel
  • Binyang Liu
  • Camille Avestruz
  • Chihway Chang
  • Daniel Scolnic
  • Danila Korytov
  • Douglas Benjamin
  • Douglas Tucker
  • Duncan Campbell
  • Erfan Nourbakhsh
  • Eric Neilsen
  • Eske Pedersen
  • Eve Kovacs
  • Francisco Javier Sanchez Lopez
  • Francois Lanusse
  • Han Aung
  • Heather Kelly
  • Humna Awan
  • Jim Annis
  • Jim Chiang
  • Joachim Harnois-Deraps
  • Jonathan Blazek
  • Joseph Erskine
  • Karan Shah
  • Katrin Heitmann
  • Kyle Chard
  • Marcel Demarteau
  • Matthew Wiesner
  • Michael Schneider
  • Michael Wang
  • Michal Vrastil
  • Mike Jarvis
  • Muhammad Saleem
  • Mustapha Ishak
  • Patricia Larsen
  • Pavlo Svirin
  • Richard Kessler
  • Russell Sexton
  • Sahar Allam
  • Salman Habib
  • Scott Dodelson
  • Sebastian Bocquet
  • Stephen Brown
  • Stephen Denny
  • Thomas Glanzman
  • Thomas Uram
  • Tim Eifler
  • Vinu Vikraman
  • xiao fang
  • Yadu Babuji
  • Yao-Yuan Mao
  • Yuanyuan Zhang
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