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Fermi Mac Users Group Meeting

chaired by Ben Segbawu (Fermilab)
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 from to (US/Central)
at The Comitium ( The Comitium )
Wilson Hall 2nd floor southeast
 Monthly Fermi Mac Users Group Meeting
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  • Wednesday, March 17, 2010
    • 02:20 - 02:22 Welcome and Agenda 2'
      Next Meeting 
      FCC Power Update
      10.6 Upgrade Issues
      New VPN Client Roll Out
      Krb5.conf Update
      Standard Configuration
      Mac Users Web Page
      Role of Mac Users List
      Open Discussion
      Speaker: Ben Segbawu (FNAL)
    • 02:22 - 02:24 FCC Power Update 2'
      How Did it Affect  the Mac Group
       Foundation Systems went down but are now up
      Speaker: Ben Segbawu
    • 02:24 - 02:29 10.6 Upgrade Path 5'
      Who can Upgrade and what it will require to upgrade
      Speakers: Ben Segbawu (FNAL), Kirk Skaar (FNAL)
    • 02:29 - 02:39 10.6 Upgrade Issues 10'
      Speakers: Waylon Meadors, Ben Segbawu (FNAL), Kirk Skaar (Fermilab)
    • 02:39 - 02:44 New VPN Client Roll Out 5'
      Status of New VPN Client and Roll out plan
      Speakers: Kirk Skaar (FNAL), Ben Segbawu
    • 02:44 - 02:46 krb5.conf 2'
      Krb5.conf update Version 14
    • 02:46 - 02:56 Switchers 10'
      So You saw the Light and switched from Windows. Now where is your window and your control alt delete
      Speaker: Jason Broccardo
    • 02:56 - 02:58 Standard Configuration 2'
      Show Approved Configurations
      Monitors EPEAT vs ESH
      Speakers: Kirk Skaar (FNAL), Ben Segbawu
    • 02:58 - 03:00 Mac Users Web Page 2'
      show mac Page @
    • 03:00 - 03:20 Role Of Mac Users List 20'
      What is the Mac Users List for and How can we use it effectively.
      Speakers: Ben Segbawu, Kirk Skaar (FNAL), Waylon Meadors, Jason Broccardo
    • 03:20 - 03:30 Open Discussions 10'
      Questions, Answers and helpful Suggestions