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15-16 July 2010
US/Central timezone

List of registrants

Number of participants: 21

downname institution position city country/region
AMBROSIO, Giorgio Fermilab      
BIALLAS, George JLab Senior Engineer Newport News, VA, 23606 United States
CALAGA, Rama BNL   Upton, NY 11973 United States
CASPI, Shlomo LBNL   Berkeley United States
Mr. DE RIJK, Gijs CERN     Switzerland
GERIG, Rod Argonne      
Mr. GHOSH, Arup Brookhaven National Laboratory Physicist Upton United States
LAMM, Michael Fermilab      
Dr. LEN, L.K. US Department of Energy      
Prof. MCINTYRE, Peter Texas A&M University Professor of Physics College Station, TX United States
NASSIRI, Ali ANL     United States
Dr. OZAKI, Satoshi Brookhaven National Laboratory Sr. Advisor   United States
PHINNEY, Nan SLAC   Stanford, CA United States
Dr. PREBYS, Eric Fermilab     United States
RATTI, Alessandro LBNL     United States
SABBI, GianLuca LBNL      
Dr. ST.LORANT, Steve SLAC NAL/ Stanford University Reviewer   United States
Dr. WANDERER, Peter BNL      
Dr. WHITE, Marion Argonne      
Dr. WIENANDS, H.-Ulrich (Uli) SLAC   Menlo Park, CA, 94025 United States