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1-3 November 2010
US/Pacific timezone

Contribution List

46 / 46
Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC)
11/1/10, 8:55 AM
Dr Eric Prebys (Fermilab)
11/1/10, 9:00 AM
Dr Oliver Bruning (CERN)
11/1/10, 9:40 AM
Dr Oliver Bruning (CERN)
11/1/10, 10:10 AM
Dr Ezio Todesco (CERN)
11/1/10, 10:40 AM
11/1/10, 11:00 AM
Ralph Assmann (CERN)
11/1/10, 11:20 AM
Bruce Strauss (DOE)
11/1/10, 11:40 AM
Mr Ryoichi Miyamoto (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
11/1/10, 1:30 PM
Giorgio Ambrosio (FNAL TD/MSD)
11/1/10, 1:55 PM
Dr Shlomo Caspi (LBNL)
11/1/10, 2:45 PM
Rama Calaga (BNL)
11/1/10, 3:10 PM
Attilio Milanese (CERN)
11/1/10, 4:00 PM
Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC)
11/1/10, 4:25 PM
GianLuca Sabbi (LBNL)
11/1/10, 4:50 PM
Themis Mastoridis (SLAC)
11/1/10, 5:15 PM
Dr Uli Wienands (SLAC)
11/2/10, 9:00 AM
Dr Uli Wienands (SLAC)
11/2/10, 9:50 AM
Mr Raffaello Secondo (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Turgut Ozhan (SLAC)
11/2/10, 11:35 AM
Giorgio Ambrosio (FNAL TD/MSD)
11/2/10, 1:30 PM
Paolo Ferracin (LBNL)
11/2/10, 2:15 PM
Hyung Jin KIM (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
11/2/10, 2:20 PM
Dr Giulio Stancari (Fermilab)
11/2/10, 2:40 PM
Dr Arup Ghosh (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
11/2/10, 3:30 PM
Helene FELICE (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
11/2/10, 4:00 PM
Guram Chlachidze (FNAL/TD/MSD)
11/2/10, 5:00 PM
Dr Chandra Bhat (Fermilab)
11/3/10, 9:15 AM
John Fox (SLAC)
11/3/10, 10:10 AM
Thomas Markiewicz (SLAC)
11/3/10, 10:35 AM
GianLuca Sabbi (LBNL)
11/3/10, 11:05 AM
Marco Venturini (LBNL)
Helene FELICE (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
Dr Arup Ghosh (Brookhaven National Laboratory)