August 28, 2011 to September 2, 2011
US/Central timezone
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R-symmetry matching in supersymmetry breaking models

Aug 28, 2011, 11:15 AM
C: Hornets Nest Wilson Hall 8N Xover

C: Hornets Nest Wilson Hall 8N Xover


Dr Felix Yu


Low energy descriptions of metastable supersymmetry breaking models often possess an accidental R-symmetry. Viable phenomenological applications of this class of models require R-symmetry to be broken in the ground state. This can be achieved in O'Raifeartaigh-like models where some of the chiral superfields carry negative R-charges. In this paper we consider UV completions of this class of models and formulate necessary conditions that they must satisfy. We show that the R-symmetry of the IR description can be traced to an anomalous or anomaly-free R-symmetry of the UV theory and discuss several representative examples.

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