August 28, 2011 to September 2, 2011
US/Central timezone
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Relatively Heavy Higgs Boson in More Generic Gauge Mediation

Aug 29, 2011, 12:10 PM
B: Curia II, Wilson Hall 2SW

B: Curia II, Wilson Hall 2SW


Dr Jason Evans (IPMU, The University of Tokyo)


We discuss gauge mediation models where the doublet messengers and Higgs doublets are allowed to mix through a “charged” coupling. The charged coupling replaces messenger parity as a means of suppressing flavor changing neutral currents without introducing any unwanted CP violation. As a result of this mixing between the Higgs doublets and the messengers, relatively large A-terms are generated at the messenger scale. These large A-terms produce a distinct weak scale mass spectrum. Particularly, we show that the lightest Higgs boson mass is enhanced and can be as heavy as 125 eV for a gluino mass as light as 2TeV. We also show that the stops are heavier than that predicted by conventional gauge mediation models. It is also shown that these models have a peculiar slepton mass spectrum.

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