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FAST/IOTA Collaboration Meeting



Alexander Valishev (Fermilab), Daniel Broemmelsiek (FNAL/AD/AST/FAST Facility Department), Giulio Stancari (Fermilab), Sergei Nagaitsev (FNAL)

We invite you to participate in the 8th Annual FAST/IOTA Collaboration Meeting.  This year's meeting will be held remotely June 15-17, 2020.

The goals of the three-day meeting are to discuss the progress and plans for the IOTA/FAST research program in accelerator and beam physics with a particular emphasis on aspects of high-intensity beams in circular accelerators.  The collaboration will review the results of the Run-2 experiments and the strategy for future runs.

We look forward to your participation.

The Organizing Committee

Please email the chairpersons for Zoom connection information

  • Aaron Fetterman
  • Adi Hanuka
  • Afnan Al Marzouk
  • Aleksandr Romanov
  • Alex Halavanau
  • Alex Lumpkin
  • Alexander Kirpotin
  • Alexander Murokh
  • Alexander Valishev
  • Alexey Burov
  • Alister Tencate
  • Andrew Charman
  • Auralee Edelen
  • Bela Erdelyi
  • Ben Freemire
  • Bernhard Adams
  • Bhawin Dhital
  • Brandon Cathey
  • Brian Beaudoin
  • bryce jacobson
  • Chad Mitchell
  • Chip Edstrom
  • Chong Shik Park
  • Chris Prior
  • Christopher Marshall
  • Daniel Broemmelsiek
  • Daniel Mihalcea
  • Darren Crawford
  • David Bruhwiler
  • David Kelliher
  • David Neuffer
  • Diego Perini
  • Dmitry Shatilov
  • Dmitry Shwartz
  • Eliana Gianfelice
  • Eric Stern
  • Evan Angelico
  • Frank Schmidt
  • Frank Zimmermann
  • Gennady Stupakov
  • Giulio Stancari
  • Gregory Penn
  • Henrryk Piekarz
  • Ihar Lobach
  • Ilya Zilberter
  • Ivan Gadjev
  • James Amundson
  • Jamie Santucci
  • Jean-Baptiste Lagrange
  • Jean-Francois Ostiguy
  • Jeffrey Eldred
  • Jinhao Ruan
  • John Byrd
  • John Cary
  • John Power
  • Jonathan Jarvis
  • Jonathan Wurtele
  • Joseph Gubeli
  • Kermit Carlson
  • Kevin Hamilton
  • Kevin Jordan
  • Kiersten Ruisard
  • Kiran Sonnad
  • Kyung Ryun Hwang
  • Lucy Nobrega
  • Massimo Giovannozzi
  • Matthew Andorf
  • Max Bruker
  • Michael Hofer
  • Mike Syphers
  • Mikhail Lialin
  • Nathan Cook
  • Nathan Eddy
  • Nikita Kuklev
  • Osam Mohsen
  • Petr Anisimov
  • Philippe Piot
  • Ram Dhuley
  • Robert Ainsworth
  • Robert Ryne
  • Rogelio Garcia
  • Rui Li
  • Runze Li
  • Sandra Biedron
  • Sarah Cousineau
  • Sebastian Szustkowski
  • Sergei Nagaitsev
  • Sergey Belomestnykh
  • Shinji Machida
  • Stanislav Baturin
  • Stephen Benson
  • Stephen Webb
  • Suzie Sheehy
  • Swapan Chattopadhyay
  • Tanaji Sen
  • Tianzhe Xu
  • Timofey Zolkin
  • Timur Shaftan
  • Trudy Bolin
  • Valeri Lebedev
  • Vasiliy Morozov
  • Vic Scarpine
  • vitaly yakimenko
  • Vladimir Shiltsev
  • Young-Kee Kim Kim
  • Yuhong Zhang
  • Yunhai Cai
  • Yuri Alexahin
  • Yury Rogovsky
  • Zhirong Huang
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