Comitium and 1 North (Fermilab)

Comitium and 1 North


Annual DOE Review of the LARP Program
(under construction)

This review coincides with the 44th Annual Fermilab Users' Meeting. The Users' Meeting includes a rather substantial reception Wednesday evening, and we are therefore forgoing our usual review dinner. Please register separately for the Users' Meeting if you wish to take part in any of the activities, including the reception. 

For those of you who will still be around Thursday evening, there is special evening lecture by US Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu. Please reserve (free) tickets by calling 630-840-2787 (going fast!!!).  Reservations for the lecture are not assured by registering for the Users' Meeting or this review.

2010 Review Report
2010 Review Timetable
HiLumi-LHC Proposal to FP7
  • Alessandro Ratti
  • Alexander Valishev
  • Ali Nassiri
  • Arup Ghosh
  • Bruce Strauss
  • David Lissauer
  • Eric Prebys
  • Ettore Salpietro
  • Giorgio Ambrosio
  • Joseph Bisognano
  • Joseph Minervini
  • L.K. Len
  • Nan Phinney
  • Peter Wanderer
  • Rod Gerig
  • Shlomo Caspi
  • Thomas Markiewicz