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Forward Physics Facility

Jul 8, 2020, 3:00 PM
Short Talks Session EF05+06+07: QCD (PDF, hadronic structure, heavy ions) EF05+06+07


Jonathan Feng (UC Irvine)


There is growing interest in the far forward region at the LHC. Detectors placed hundreds of meters downstream from existing interaction points along the beam collision axis may search for LLPs, detect thousands of TeV neutrinos, and make measurements of relevance for a broad range of topics, from hadronic physics to cosmic ray experiments. These efforts are currently limited to fit within existing tunnels, but one could imagine enlarging this space to create a Forward Physics Facility, which would allow more and larger experiments to be placed there, with a huge gain in sensitivity to new physics and standard model studies. In this talk, I would like to propose such a Facility, present some nascent ideas of what it could be good for, and stimulate physicists with a broad range of interests to come together to study the feasibility of creating such a Facility and explore the ways it could expand the existing LHC physics program.

Primary author

Jonathan Feng (UC Irvine)

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