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Dark matter and tau g–2 using the LHC as a photon collider

Jul 8, 2020, 4:25 PM
Short Talks Session EF05+06+07: QCD (PDF, hadronic structure, heavy ions) EF05+06+07


Jesse Liu (University of Chicago)


Electromagnetic fields surrounding LHC beams source high energy photons that can collide to produce new particles. We highlight important and interesting BSM physics targets for QED production from two recent proposals: 1) slepton and dark matter production with proton-tagging using pp beams, 2) new physics modifications to tau g-2 using PbPb beams. These open new cross-cutting opportunities at the energy frontier.

Based on PRL 123 (2019) 14 141801 and 1908.05180

Primary author

Jesse Liu (University of Chicago)


Lydia Beresford (University of Oxford)

Presentation materials