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Generic ILC detector model for Delphes

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Offline - Flash talk contributions Session EF01+02+03+04+07: Higgs, EWK, BSM Higgs EF01+02+03+04+07


Delphes is a framework for fast simulation of a generic collider experiment. It allows to take into account basic experimental effects as acceptance, efficiency and detector resolution, and provides also expected results of event reconstruction (as lepton identification, flavour taging and jet clustering). We would like to present a new model for fast ILC detector simulation in Delphes. While it has been mainly based on the ILD detector concept, it can be considered a generic ILC detector model, as expected performances of both ILD and SiD are very similar and details of the detector design are not taken into account in Delphes.

Primary author

Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (University of Warsaw)

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