Preparatory Joint Sessions on "Open questions and News Ideas"

from Tuesday, July 7, 2020 (10:00 AM) to Wednesday, July 8, 2020 (5:00 PM)

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Jul 7, 2020
Jul 8, 2020
10:00 AM
EF01+03+04+05+06 - Stefan Hoeche (Fermilab) Andrey Korytov (University of Florida) Ayres Freitas (University of Pittsburgh) Michael Schmitt Caterina Vernieri (SLAC) Michael Begel (Brookhaven National Lab) Sally Dawson (BNL) Reinhard Schwienhorst (Michigan State University) Christophe Royon (The University of Kansas) Doreen Wackeroth (University at Buffalo, SUNY) Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University) Huey-Wen Lin (Michigan State University) Alberto Belloni Junping Tian (University of Tokyo) (until 1:00 PM) ()
10:00 AM The third-generation quarks - from the LHC to the e+e- collider and beyond - Marcel Vos (IFIC (UVEG/CSIC) Valencia)   ()
10:20 AM Optimising top-quark pair-production threshold scan at future e+e- colliders - Kacper Nowak (University of Warsaw)   ()
10:40 AM Easy e+e- event analysis with LCIO & miniDST - Dr Shin-ichi Kawada (DESY)   ()
11:00 AM New frontiers in PDF analyses in the HL-LHC era - Maria Ubiali (University of Cambridge)   ()
11:20 AM High-energy phenomenology implications of the Electron-Ion Collider - Timothy Hobbs (CTEQ at SMU)   ()
11:40 AM Precision QCD at future DIS facilities - Fredrick Olness (SMU)   ()
12:00 PM Constraining heavy-flavor PDFs at hadron colliders - Marco Guzzi (Kennesaw State University)   ()
12:20 PM Exclusive electroweak processes - Cristian Baldenegro Barrera (The University of Kansas (US))   ()
10:00 AM
EF01+02+03+04+07 - Doreen Wackeroth (University at Buffalo, SUNY) Patrick Meade (Stony Brook) Andrey Korytov (University of Florida) Reinhard Schwienhorst (Michigan State University) Yen-Jie Lee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Ayres Freitas (University of Pittsburgh) Alberto Belloni Isobel Ojalvo (Princeton University (US)) Swagato Mukherjee (BNL) Sally Dawson (BNL) Junping Tian (University of Tokyo) Caterina Vernieri (SLAC) (until 1:00 PM) ()
10:00 AM Positivity Bounds on aQGC - Cen Zhang (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Cen Zhang (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy Sciences)   ()
10:18 AM Quantifying the Effects of Beam Polarization on Charged Triple Gauge Couplings - Jakob Beyer (DESY)   ()
10:36 AM LHC/ILC Synergy for Exploration of Extended Higgs Sectors - Kei Yagyu (Osaka University)   ()
10:54 AM Aligned CP-Violating Higgs Model Canceling the Electric Dipole Moment - Mitsunori Kubota (Osaka University)   ()
11:12 AM Triple Higgs Couplings in the 2HDM - Francisco Arco   ()
11:30 AM Higgs Bosons With Large Couplings to Light Quarks - Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic (Perimeter Institute)   ()
11:48 AM Higgs measurements and perspectives at the FCC-hh - Michele Selvaggi (UCL- CP3)   ()
12:06 PM Higgs couplings and VBF at Muon Colliders - Luca Mantani (Louvain)   ()
12:24 PM SMEFT Fits and the Higgs Inverse Problem - Samuel Homiller (YITP, Stony Brook)   ()
12:42 PM Unitarity Bounds on New Physics From Higgs Coupling Measurements - Markus Luty (University of California Davis) Spencer Chang (University of Oregon)   ()
1:00 PM
EF08+09+10+02+07 - James Hirschauer (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) Nausheen Shah (Wayne State University) Zhen Liu (University of Maryland) Swagato Mukherjee (BNL) Caterina Doglioni (Lund University) Yen-Jie Lee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Isobel Ojalvo (Princeton University (US)) Tulika Bose (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Elliot Lipeles (University of Pennsylvania) Liantao Wang (University of Chicago) Patrick Meade (Stony Brook) Simone Pagan Griso (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) (until 4:00 PM) ()
1:00 PM Welcome   ()
1:02 PM Long-lived particle signatures and connections with SUSY and Dark Matter - Dr Nishita Desai   ()
1:30 PM Anomalously charged and Long-lived avatars of BSM physics - Prof. James Pinfold   ()
1:45 PM Searches for milli/fractional/multiple charged particles - Matthew Citron (Univ. of California Santa Barbara (US))   ()
2:00 PM Early kinetic decoupling of dark matter and the Higgs invisible decay in collider experiments - Dr Tomohiro Abe (Nagoya University)   ()
2:15 PM New approach to DM searches with mono-photon signature - Pawel Sopicki (University of Warsaw)   ()
2:30 PM Signatures of new scalar particles at hadron colliders - Tania Robens (Rudjer Boskovic Institute)   ()
2:45 PM Signatures of new scalar particles at future e+e- colliders - Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (University of Warsaw)   ()
3:00 PM Improved (g-2)_mu Measurements and Supersymmetry - Dr Manimala Chakraborti (IFT (UAM/CSIC))   ()
3:15 PM Current bounds and future prospects of light neutralino dark matter in NMSSM - Rahool Kumar Barman (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science)   ()
3:30 PM Testing neutrino mass generation mechanism at the electron positron collider - Arindam Das (KIAS, KNRC, SNU) Dr Arindam Das (Osaka University)   ()
3:45 PM Probing charged lepton number violation via ℓ±ℓ'±W∓W∓ - Kazuki Enomoto (Osaka university)   ()
2:00 PM
EF05+06+07 - Michael Schmitt Swagato Mukherjee (BNL) Huey-Wen Lin (Michigan State University) Christophe Royon (The University of Kansas) Michael Begel (Brookhaven National Lab) Stefan Hoeche (Fermilab) Yen-Jie Lee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University) (until 5:00 PM) ()
2:00 PM Jet Physics in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions and EIC - Felix Ringer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
2:20 PM BFKL resummation effects - Federico Deganutti   ()
2:40 PM Small x physics at the LHC, EIC, and FCC - Prof. Yuri Kovchegov (The Ohio State University) Yuri Kovchegov (Ohio State University)   ()
3:00 PM Forward Physics Facility - Jonathan Feng (UC Irvine)   ()
3:15 PM Very forward detector: QCD opportunities - Prof. Mark Strikman (Penn State University)   ()
3:30 PM The Future of Heavy Flavor and Exotic Meson Production in RHIC and LHC - Xiaojun Yao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
3:50 PM Hadron spectroscopy at future facilities - Bryan Fulsom (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)   ()
4:10 PM Future physics opportunities with W and Z bosons and top quarks for high-density QCD at LHC - Dr Georgios Konstantinos Krintiras (The University of Kansas (US))   ()
4:25 PM Dark matter and tau g–2 using the LHC as a photon collider - Jesse Liu (University of Chicago)   ()
4:40 PM Discussion   ()