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DUNE Data Management Meeting

203 (Feynman Computing Center)


Feynman Computing Center

This is the weekly DUNE Data Management Meeting. We discuss the Data Management Project for the upcoming DUNE experiment, and also data management operations issues. Attendees are people who are actually working on data management plus higher DUNE computing management as required.

Dune data management meeting Aug 11 2020


Interface overview

Perfsonar will present at Monday ops meeting next week


Steve, Heidi, Kirby, Stu meeting with ESnet weekly, that is converging, first draft due this Friday,

This is what ESNet needs to build for DUNE and the short baseline neutrino program over the

Next decade


Josh Klein DAQ performance Taskforce will schedule first meeting of DUNE metadata content.

Various dune data mgmt people have strong goal to keep as much as can be kept in the Runs DB and out of the metadata.  Not clear if the Runs DB will get specified by the DB group unless

We push for it.  Heidi volunteers to specify conditions that should be in the Runs DB and not in the metadata.. see below.  Wenlong Yuan wants to participate at the level of being embedded in the DAQ group to make sure we get what we need and his Edinburgh management is OK with this.



There is also a question about how much of stuff from prptodune-SP that is in the metadata now should or could be moved to a runs DB instead of being brought forward into the new

Metadata server.  Definitely do not want to repeat experience of protodune-sp  in the second run of protodune where we were scraping google docs and ELISA notebooks to get values.


Meeting at 10AM today with T. Levshina, D. Litvinsev, M. Kirby, S. Timm, R. Illingworth to discuss DUNE storage layout for tokens.


Nicole Avila will present the work she has been doing next week.



Project planning overview


Metadata server requirements are stable, no comments.. but we will see if the metadata content meetings bring any unexpected requirements.


Igor, Steve, Robert, and Brandon working on sam project replacement scope and requirements doc, next meeting of this tomorrow.


After that we work on implementation plan.. some issues—can and should we bring all legacy data into Rucio, it’s not all there now, can and should we bring all the legacy metadata forward into the new metadata server.  Need a very detailed plan with various decision points and a detailed punch list, Steve to lead.


We are trying to get a internal SCD review set up of the data management projects as well as the other big DUNE computing projects, (frameworks and DB) for this fall, presumably early fall after the collaboration meeting.. data mgmt projects should be ready to present at the collaboration meeting in late September whatever they will be showing there.




Runs DB

Will discuss in 2 weeks.  Igor wants to participate in discussion with Heidi and Steve on what should go in it.




Naming contest for new sam project replacement

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