Search for an Axion-Like Particle in B -> K a, a -> gamma gamma at BABAR

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Asynchronous Talk Flavor and Precision Physics Flavor and Precision Physics Session 2


Ngan Nguyen (Harvey Mudd College and Pitzer College)


Many extensions of the Standard Model include the possibility of light new particles, such as axions or dark matter candidates. These scenarios can be probed using the large data sets collected by 𝐵-factories, complementing measurements performed at the LHC. We report on a search for an Axion-like particle (ALP), 𝑎, produced in the Flavor-Changing Neutral-Current decay 𝐵→𝐾𝑎, with 𝑎→𝛾𝛾, which is expected to be competitive with the corresponding Standard-Model electroweak processes. This search, performed by using a dataset of about 470 million 𝐵𝐵¯ pairs collected by the 𝐵𝐴𝐵𝐴𝑅 experiment at the PEP-II 𝑒+𝑒− collider, is sensitive to ALP masses below 4.78 GeV.

Primary author

Ngan Nguyen (Harvey Mudd College and Pitzer College)

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