A model of flavour: B anomalies and neutrino masses

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Asynchronous Talk Flavor and Precision Physics Flavor and Precision Physics Session 2


Julie Pagès (University of Zurich (UZH))


The identification of the distinctive flavour structure of the B anomalies revealed an interesting coincidence with the SM approximate flavour symmetry i.e. $U(2)^5$. The flavour non-universal Pati-Salam model, which unifies quarks and leptons, establishes the connection providing a combined explanation of the charged and neutral current B anomalies as well as of the mass hierarchies of the SM.
The inverse Seesaw mechanism is realised in this three-site model through nearest-neighbour interactions yielding an anarchic neutrino mass matrix in consistency with data.
The full model finds a natural 5D interpretation with three (almost equidistant) defects in a warped extra dimension, where the exponential hierarchies in vev ratios of the 4D Lagrangian arise from $\mathcal{O}(1)$ differences in the 5D field bulk masses.
This presentation is based on arXiv:2012.10492.

Primary authors

Dr Javier Fuentes-Martín (Mainz University (MITP)) Dr Ben Stefanek (University of Zurich (UZH)) Prof. Gino Isidori (University of Zurich (UZH)) Julie Pagès (University of Zurich (UZH))

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