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Constraining the tau-neutrino transition magnetic moment at DUNE

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Poster session Neutrino Physics Neutrino Physics Session 2


Mr Albert Zhou (IAP, KIT)


Current limits for the tau-neutrino transition magnetic moment to a sterile neutrino are far weaker than its electron and muon counterparts. In this poster/talk I discuss on-going work to investigate possible constraints on the transition magnetic moment between the tau neutrino and an O(MeV) sterile neutrino at DUNE: the proposed neutrino-beam experiment at FermiLab. I compare this with existing limits and limits at proposed neutrino experiments such as SHiP.

Primary authors

Mr Albert Zhou (IAP, KIT) Prof. Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (IAP, KIT) Dr Jing-Yu Zhu (IAP, KIT)

Presentation materials