Latest results from DEAP-3600 at SNOLAB

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Asynchronous Talk Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology Astroparticle and Cosmology Session 1


Simon Viel (Carleton University)


This talk will feature the latest results of the dark matter search with DEAP-3600, including constraints on dark matter-nucleon effective couplings in the presence of kinematically distinct galactic halo substructures. The DEAP-3600 experiment is located 2 km underground at SNOLAB in Sudbury, Canada. This spherical detector consists of 3.3 tonnes of liquid argon in a large ultralow-background acrylic cryostat instrumented with 255 photomultiplier tubes. Key to this experiment is the excellent demonstrated performance of pulse-shape discrimination against low-energy beta decays, as well as position reconstruction and other background rejection techniques against alpha decays and neutron scatters. The broader physics programme of DEAP-3600, with expected sensitivity for other searches and measurements will also be discussed.

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Simon Viel (Carleton University)

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