ATLAS measurements of CP violation and rare decay processes with beauty mesons

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Poster session Flavor and Precision Physics Flavor and Precision Physics Session 1


Yue Xu


The ATLAS experiment has performed measurements of B-meson rare decays proceeding via suppressed electroweak flavour changing neutral currents, and of mixing and CP violation in the neutral B meson systems.
This talk will focus on the latest results from the ATLAS collaboration, in particular for rare processes 𝐵0𝑠→𝜇𝜇 and 𝐵0→𝜇𝜇, and CP violation in the 𝐵0𝑠→𝐽/𝜓𝜙 decays. In the latter, the Standard Model predicts the CP violating mixing phase, 𝜙𝑠, to be very small and its SM value is very well constrained, while in many new physics models large 𝜙𝑠 values are expected. Latest measurements of 𝜙𝑠 and several other parameters describing the 𝐵0𝑠→𝐽/𝜓 𝜙 decays will be reported.

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Yue Xu

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