Neutrino Physics Session 2

Jun 8, 2021, 8:00 AM


Poster sessions will be held online in the 2D and 8-bit virtual environment of This is an online platform with which you will be able to interact with your own avatar. You will be able to see the avatars of other attendees and hold video conversations with multiple people at once.

The password for the poster room is in your email (in the "4th Bulletin") and on the conference slack. There is a also a poster index web page, where you can search through all the poster contributions, find out where it is located, and read the abstract and the poster pdf itself.

Presentation materials

Anne Schukraft (Fermilab)
6/8/21, 8:00 AM
Plenary Sessions
Afroditi Papadopoulou, Andrea Zani (INFN - Milano), Julia Gehrlein (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Marco Grassi (Padua University), Tobias Felkl (University of New South Wales), Veronique Van Elewyck (APC, Universite Paris Diderot)
6/8/21, 8:30 AM
Asynchronous Talk
Alessandra Carlotta Re (Universita' degli Studi & INFN, Milano (ITALY)), Christoph Wiesinger (Technical University of Munich), Madhurima Chakraborty (IIT Guwahati), Roger Huang (UC Berkeley), Rudolph Rogly (CEA Saclay), Stefan Sandner (IFIC UV / CSIC)
6/8/21, 10:30 AM
Asynchronous Talk
Louis Strigari (Texas A&M University)
6/8/21, 11:00 AM
Plenary Sessions
Jungsic Park (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization), Kevin Kelly, Mariano Chaves (University of Campinas), Philipe Mota (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas), Sudipta Das (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar), Thomas Hugle
6/8/21, 11:30 AM
Asynchronous Talk
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