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5-8 October 2020
US/Central timezone
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Town Hall Presentations

Oct 5, 2020, 2:45 PM
1h 15m
Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar


Mayly Sanchez - ANNIE and the Future of Hybrid Neutrino Detectors
Doojin Kim - Detecting keV-range super-light dark matter using graphene Josephson junction
Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez - Searches for Long-Lived Particles at the FCC-ee
David Hertzog - Testing Lepton Flavor Universality and CKM Unitarity with Rare Pion Decays
Sebastian Ellis - Heterodyne Detection of Axion Dark Matter via Superconducting Cavities
Marcela Carena - Towards Future Discoveries at the Energy Frontier
Philip Harris - DarkQuest and LongQuest at the 120~GeV Fermilab Main Injector
Marcel Demarteau - Perspective on a Unified US Particle Physics Program
Brian Nord - Culture change is necessary, and it requires strategic planning
Kelly Stifter - Snowmass as a path towards cultural change, and the role of collaborations
Sven Vahsen - Gas TPCs with directional sensitivity to dark matter, neutrinos, and BSM physics
Matthew Citron - Searching for millicharged particles with scintillator based detectors
Holger Mueller - Alpha: Measurement of the fine structure constant as test of the Standard Model
Harvey Newman - Future Information and Communications Technologies for HL-LHC Era: Beyond CMOS and Beyond the Shannon Limit
Marianna Safronova - Atomic/nuclear clocks and precision spectroscopy measurements for dark matter and dark sector searches
Francesco Giovanni Celiberto - 3D proton tomography at the EIC: TMD gluon distributions
Richard Talman - Colliding beam elastic $pp$ and $pd$ scattering to test $T$- and $P$-violation
Matthew Szydagis - Metastable Water: Breakthrough Technology for Dark Matter & Neutrinos
Karan Jani - A deci-Hz Gravitational-Wave Lunar Observatory for Cosmology
Ferah Munshi - Testing SIDM with Realistic Galaxy Formation Simulations
Ankur Agrawal - Superconducting Qubit Advantange for Dark Matter (SQuAD)
Caterina Doglioni - Initiative for Dark Matter in Europe and beyond

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