Partnering to Advance AI Research & Development

Eric Jonas (University of Chicago), Jayakar (Charles) Thangaraj (Fermilab), Mauricio Suarez (Fermilab), Nhan Tran (Fermilab), Paul Fenter (Argonne National Laboratory), Yuxin Chen (University of Chicago)

Join us this fall for an overview on strategic opportunities to collaborate on AI research followed by a technical workshop in Spring 2021.

The “AI + measurements” collaboration aims to forge new connections between Fermilab, University of Chicago, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), and Argonne National Laboratory.


Overview: In part one of this two-part workshop, “Partnering to Advance AI Research & Development,” we begin with a broad focus on partnering opportunities available to advance AI research and development between the partnering institutions at University of Chicago, Fermilab, Argonne National Laboratory, and Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC).  This workshop will highlight and identify opportunities for synergistic R&D among our institutions.  There will be multiple Q&A opportunities to provide as much interaction as possible.

Registration will close at close of business on November 2.


Confirmed speakers:

Cheryl Ingstad; Director, Artificial Intelligence & Technology Office, Department of Energy

Nick Feamster; Neubauer Professor, Department of Computer Science, and Director, Center for Data and Computing, University of Chicago

James Amundson; Head, Scientific Computing Division, Fermilab

Rick Stevens; Associate Laboratory Director for Computing, Environment and Life Sciences, Argonne National Laboratory

Cristina Thomas; Global R&D Services Leader and R&D Global Process Owner, 3M Global R&D Services


Who should attend: “Partnering to Advance AI Research & Development” will provide an opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary areas in AI for measurements in physical and biological sciences and engineering. We anticipate the workshop will resonate with researchers, graduate students, and technical managers working at the frontlines of AI with experience in data science, computing, and experimental sciences. Fruitful alliances will form during this workshop with which we can collectively harness large-scale funding opportunities at several federal research agencies.


Webinar participants will:

  • Hear from organizational leaders of each of the institutions and an industry leader about the broad initiatives and activities in AI research and development.
  • Observe the strategic direction of AI research funding opportunities at the federal level
  • Identify paths to increase the collaboration and coordination between the participating institutions in AI research.
  • Be a part of the growing community of researchers in AI research across our institutions.


Next steps: There will be a technical workshop in Spring 2021 following this webinar. The full schedule is currently under development. Researchers from diverse domains such as data acquisition, metrology, cosmology, astronomy, particle physics, accelerator science, and chemistry will have the opportunity to focus on cutting-edge AI research and tools. Crucial areas such as inverse problems, uncertainty, active learning, and reinforcement learning will be explored more closely in the context of measurements.


Sponsors: This workshop is sponsored by the University of Chicago’s Office of Research and National Laboratories Joint Task Force Initiative’s  “AI+Science“ grant and the Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) - an intellectual hub and incubator for data science and artificial intelligence research at the University of Chicago.


Acceptance of registration contingent upon review by Fermiab Foreign Visits and Assignments Office.

The Zoom connection information will be distributed via e-mail 24 hours in advance of the webinar. Attendees should block the event date and time on their calendar. Please ensure your Zoom name matches the name on your registration to ensure you're able to access the meeting. The Zoom connection link may not be shared.

  • Aashutosh Mistry
  • Adam Szymanski
  • Adrian Tentner
  • Aisha Ibrahim
  • Aleksandra Ciprijanovic
  • Alexander Partin
  • Alvaro Mayagoitia
  • Andrew Ferguson
  • Aniket Tekawade
  • Anthony Avarca
  • Arun Kumar Mannodi Kanakkithodi
  • Beihai Ma
  • Bethany Lusch
  • Branko Ruscic
  • Brian Nord
  • Burt Holzman
  • Cheryl Ingstad
  • Chibueze Amanchukwu
  • Chris Jacobsen
  • Cole Johnson
  • Cristina Thomas
  • Cynthia Jenks
  • Dali Georgobiani
  • Dane Smith
  • David Miller
  • Davis Gilton
  • Debbie Myers
  • Diana Kafkes
  • Dimitrios Tanoglidis
  • Doga Gursoy
  • Eamon Duede
  • Emmanouil Kargiantoulakis
  • Eric Jonas
  • Erin Lane
  • Evan Thomas
  • Evangelos Kourlitis
  • Farah Fahim
  • Francesco De Carlo
  • Gabriel Perdue
  • James Amundson
  • Jan Tuzlic Offermann
  • Jason St. John
  • Javier Duarte
  • Jayakar Thangaraj
  • Jeff Artel
  • Jennifer Woods
  • Jessica Durham
  • Joe Lykken
  • Johann Rudi
  • John Low
  • Julia Lane
  • Junhong Chen
  • Kamlesh Suthar
  • Karen Cielo
  • Kate Von Holle
  • Ke Yue
  • Kevin Pedro
  • Kevin Soules
  • Kiran Turaga
  • Kiyomi Seiya
  • Kristin Dona
  • Mael Flament
  • Marcus Schwarting
  • Maria Chan
  • Marius Stan
  • Mathew Cherukara
  • Mauricio Suarez
  • Max Delferro
  • Max Wyman
  • Melissa Fassbender
  • Mike Geelhoed
  • Ming Du
  • Nhan Tran
  • Nick Feamster
  • Oliver Tsang
  • Olle Heinonen
  • Pallab Barai
  • Paul Fenter
  • Pete Cholewinski
  • Quentin Ploussard
  • Rajeev Surendran Assary
  • Rebecca Weinberg
  • Rick Stevens
  • Rohit Batra
  • Rongyue Wang
  • Sarah Habansky
  • Shih-Kai Lin
  • Sijia Dong
  • Stephany Unruh
  • Tao Li
  • Thomas Kroc
  • Tianzhu Qin
  • Tod Toter
  • Valerie Taylor
  • Vic Scarpine
  • virendra ghate
  • Xiang He
  • Yan Feng
  • Yudong Yao
  • Yujia Liang
  • Yuxin Chen
  • Zhengchun Liu
  • Zhigang Mei
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