Dec 9 – 11, 2020
US/Eastern timezone

ACFI - Snowmass Workshop

Co-organized by NF05 and RF04

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The focus of this workshop will be to discuss theoretical and experimental plans and ideas for neutrinoless double beta decay beyond the tonne scale.  This will be a "working" workshop to generate white papers for the Snowmass Summer Community Study.

A local website for the workshop is here:

All overview talks and panel sessions will be recorded.


The deliverables from this workshop are anticipated to be skeletons for community-wide white papers that inform the Snowmass report sections for both the rare events and neutrino frontiers.  These will be developed by attendees in breakout groups, with distribution of writing tasks to be defined based on interest and discussion topics at the meeting.  The white papers are anticipated to cover the broad topic areas covered by the panel discussions, though certain topics may be combined, divided, or moved, as necessary or desirable:

“Setting benchmarks beyond the tonne scale”

“Uncovering the mechanism of neutrinoless double beta decay”

“New Background Challenges”

“Isotopes, Materials, and Facilities”

“New Technologies”

These documents are not intended to duplicate work that is ongoing toward more targeted white papers on specific technologies, but rather to serve as umbrella documents to identify the major theoretical and experimental questions to be addressed in the next ten years, in order to proceed to beyond-ton-scale phases of either existing programs or new ones.  

There will be a second workshop in this series, held at a presently unknown time dependent on the evolving schedule of the Snowmass process.  This will provide a second opportunity for dedicated collaborative work on the evolving white papers, ideally with an in-person element, building on the work initiated at this first meeting.

Registration for this event is currently open.