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LEPLAr Workshop

from Monday, November 30, 2020 (8:00 AM) to Tuesday, December 1, 2020 (12:00 PM)

        : Sessions
    /     : Talks
        : Breaks
Nov 30, 2020
Dec 1, 2020
8:00 AM Introduction - Kate Scholberg (Duke University)   ()
8:10 AM MeV signatures in GeV events - Shirley Li (Fermilab)   ()
8:30 AM Impact of MeV signatures on Osc Physics - Callum Wilkinson Callum Wilkinson (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
8:50 AM MeV-scale signatures in BSM Searches - Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly (Northwestern University)   ()
9:20 AM Panel Discussion - Moderated by Alex Sousa (Cincinnati) - Michael Mooney (Colorado State University) Pedro Machado (Fermilab) William Foreman (Illinois Institute of Technology) Elizabeth Worcester (BNL) Brian Batell (University of Pittsburgh) Prof. Lisa Koerner (University of Houston) Enrique Fernandez Martinez (IFT-UAM)   ()
9:50 AM --- Break ---
10:00 AM SNB and DSNB Physics - Evan O'Connor (Stockholm University)   ()
10:30 AM SNB and Oscillations - Irene Tamborra (GRAPPA Institute, University of Amsterdam) Irene Tamborra (Niels Bohr Institute)   ()
10:50 AM Solar Neutrinos - John Beacom (Ohio State University) John Beacom (Ohio State University)   ()
11:20 AM Panel Discussion - Moderated by Alex Friedland (SLAC) - Gabriel Orebi Gann (University of California at Berkeley/LBNL) Christopher Grant (Boston University) Cecilia Lunardini (Arizona State University) Bronson Messer (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Thomas Janka (Max Planck, Garching)   ()
8:00 AM simulation of particle propagationin LAr - Paola Sala (INFN Milano and CERN) Paola Sala   ()
8:30 AM measurements for improving particle propagation modeling - Robert Svoboda (UC Davis) Robert Svoboda   ()
8:55 AM Charge and Light production modeling at low energy - Prof. Matthew Szydagis (UAlbany SUNY) Matthew Szydagis (UC Davis)   ()
9:20 AM Panel Discussion - moderated by David Caratelli [FNAL] - Elena Gramellini Hans-Joachim Wenzel (Fermilab) Flavio Cavanna (Fermilab) Elena Gramellini (Yale University) Jingbo Wang (South Dakota School of Mines & Technology)   ()
9:50 AM
Break (until 10:00 AM) ()
10:00 AM low-energy cross-section theory - Anna Hayes-Sterbenz (LANL)   ()
10:25 AM low-energy cross-section generators - Steven Gardiner (Fermilab)   ()
10:50 AM GENIE low-energy / final-state modeling - Steven Dytman (Univ. of Pittsburgh) Steven Dytman   ()
11:30 AM Panel Discussion - Moderated by Steven Gardiner [FNAL] - Vishvas Pandey (Ghent University, Belgium) Charles Horowitz (Indiana University) Jason Newby (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Ulrich Mosel (University of Giessen)   ()