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Annual Inventor Recognition Ceremony


Please join us for a brief ceremony celebrating innovation at Fermilab and honoring more than 30 individuals who received patents or filed Records of Invention during calendar year 2020.  The event is open to all interested employees.  Please mark the day and time on your calendar. Zoom meeting information will be emailed to all registered participants prior to the event.  

  • Alex Lumpkin
  • Angie Lineberry
  • Annette Judd
  • Cherri Schmidt
  • Chris Jensen
  • Curtis Baffes
  • Frank MCconologue
  • Frederique Pellemoine
  • Hema Ramamoorthi
  • Ivan Gonin
  • Jackson O'Donnell
  • Jacquie Bucher
  • Javier Tiffenberg
  • Jayakar Charles
  • Jim Hoff
  • Jinyuan Wu
  • Josh O'Connell
  • Kris Anderson
  • Marc Paterno
  • Marco Mambelli
  • Margaret Votava
  • Matt Kufer
  • Matthew Alvarez
  • Mauricio Suarez
  • Mike Geelhoed
  • Nigel Lockyer
  • Ram Dhuley
  • Roger Milholland
  • Sandeep Miryala
  • Sarah Quinn
  • Slavica Grdanovska
  • Stefan Gruenendahl
  • Stephany Unruh
  • Sujit Bidhar
  • Terry Tope
  • Thomas Kroc
  • Tim Hamerla
  • Tim Meyer
  • Tom Nicol
  • Trevor Butler
  • Vladimir Shiltsev
Cherri Schmidt
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