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Hadron Analysis Meeting


Start time: 11:30 AM EST/ 10:30 AM CDT/ 5:30 PM CEST

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 955 9204 0014

Passcode: Please see email announcement

Slack channel: #pdune-hadron

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Camillo Mariani:
Heng-Ye Liao:

    • 10:30 AM 10:50 AM
      Round table update/discussion 20m

      Minutes of Hadron analysis meeting [06/24/2021]

      *Participants: Camillo Mariani, Jake Calcutt, Carlos Sarasty,
      David Rivera, Francesca Stocker, Leigh Whitehead, Libo Jiang, Mattia Fani,
      Mitch Mote, Norman Martinez, Richie Diubra, Tingjun Yang, Tom Junk, Yinrui Liu, Zohreh Parsa, Heng-Ye Liao

      *Time: 10:30-10:54
      *Host: Camillo
      *Minutes taker: Heng-Ye

      Agenda: round-table update

      -Thin-slice method for inelastic cross-section measurement
       Working together with Tingjun, will present the results in the coming weeks

      -Prepared/compiled a document of systematic uncertainties for analyzers to contribute

       No update but a question to the group.
       How likely is it to do the anti-proton analysis in ProtoDUNE?
       Leigh: Once ProtoDUNE II running, we'll take negative beam polarity.
              For ProtoDUNE I, I do not think so.
       Carlos: When is ProtoDUNE going to take 2nd run?
       Leight: Hope to run at the end of 2022.
               We do have MC files for negative beam polarity.
               So you can scan few events to see if the things are there.
       Carlos: I have been looking at those files and was able to count some numbers of anti-protons.
               But I was not sure if we have data for that.   
       Leigh: We do not have that in data for ProtoDUNE I.

      -Getting closer to wrapping up my work, focusing on finalizing my thesis
       Will give some update on the work probably at the end of July

      -Working on implementing the boosting decision tree (BDT) in pion absorption selection and background control.
      +With Tingjun's help, got everything working with some physics plots.
       Plan to discuss with Tingjun before showing the results to the group.
      +Found that the performance of BDT is better than our previous selection cuts.
       Probably we can move on using this new implementation.
       Francesca: How does BDT work?
       Libo: Use the software in root, given inputs and get outputs
       Tingjun: BDT is one of the machine learning tools to separate signals and backgrounds

       Hi, I work at LANL, working on the laser system for DUNE.
       Starting working on the analysis, proton inclusive XS analysis.
       Working together with Heng-Ye on the relevant analysis of this project.

      -Working on wrapping up my thesis
       Can give an update next week on my analysis (pi0 decay gamma analysis, systematics of neutron xs analysis)

      -As per the request of Tingjun, back to the event selection of the analysis over the past week
      +Beam quality cut for 6 GeV, looking at various cuts for secondary protons/kaons
       (new cut can reach to the purity of ~95%, encouraging!)             
      +Working on calorimetric calibration that will be presented next week
       Will show more details of the event selection plots in a couple of weeks

      -Working together with Heng-Ye for the data monitoring plots,
       getting familiar with the software environment

      -Pion inelastic xs measurement
       +Have identified few issues so far
        How to measure the background due to the charge-up effect (the effect is not included in our MC)? Maybe we can use the non-beam trigger events to study this background.
       +Next focus is to measure the Pandora reco efficiencies
        Thin-slice method is not affected by the absolute eff., as Tom pointed out.
        It'll depend on the relative eff. as a func. of track length. So having a data-driven eff. will be important. Had some ideas to approach that and will find some time to code it up.
        I would like to introduce a new student from University of Chicago, Yinrui Liu.
        Yinrui is working together with me on the pion inelastic xs measurement. He is getting familiar with framework of the analysis details. Right now he is working on the track length reco. and has discovered some interesting features of reco. Hopefully he will give a report soon.

       Hi, everyone. Very glad to be here.

      (1)David: Any step that is missing for the dE/dx calibration?
         Mitch: There is no other step after the dQ/dx have all be calibrated to dE/dx.
         So that (calibration) project is finished.
         David: Do we apply a single calibration factor at the end?
         Mitch: Yes I believe it's on bottom of wiki. I'll double check.
         Tingjun: Mitch, did you give a talk on the dE/dx calibration result?
         Mitch: I can next week or the week after.
         Tingjun: I can also give an update on that.
                  Thanks to Mitch and other people who work on the calibration.
              We uploaded the calibration constants to the data base and uploaded the fichl files for the final calorimetric constants. We requested the production team to run the reco2 production on the 1 GeV data.
                  Just learned the production team earlier today that the reco 2 production data will be soon ready.
              Hopefully will be ready in the next few days. Those files will have the fully-calibrated dE/dx information for tracks and showers.
         David: TingJun, are we waiting on the patch on root?
         Tingjun: Patch only affects MC; data is done using the older release.
                  We were running reco2 on data, not MC.
                  Another update. As you all know that LArSoft team has a new release, v09_25, yesterday.
              Lynn sent me an email after that, saying that they are working on the patch relase to include
              the root bug fix. So hopefully this will be fixed in the next release.
         David: (to Tingjun) fichl file was updated. Which one was this?
         Tingjun: I'll point you offline and make sure Mitch includes this info once he gives the talk.
      (2) Tingjun: I have a request that I made that before. Strongly encourage to give updates of the hadron analyses in the DRA meeting. Can be a summary report from Camillo or Heng-Ye, or the analyzers.
          Camillo: Sure.
      (3) Richie: There is a Prod4a for the 6 GeV. Started prestaging yesterday. Probably we can have it at the end of week. Tingjun: I also added the new definition in the wiki page.