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Session 3B


Room: WH1W
Date: 18 Apr 11:00 - 12:00 PM

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Type: Paper Session: Session 3B
We compare bona fide ncalibrated mean (VI)C magnitudes of several thousand stars found in the CCD frames taken during our photometric observations of Cepheids and RR Lyrae type stars at the South African Astronomical Observatory with the corresponding mean (VI)C magnitudes measured in the course of the ASAS survey to assess the quality of ASAS photometry and derive the appropriate transformation ... More
Presented by Dambis DAMBIS
Session: Session 3B
Track: Archiving of calibration data
The AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey (APASS) has been underway for over a year. This survey will calibrate the entire sky from 10<V<17 in five filters: Johnson B and V, and Sloan g',r' and i'. Each area of the sky is visited four times during the course of the survey, with two visits at one field center and two visits at a field located center-to-corner from the first so as to have maximum overl ... More
Presented by Arne HENDEN on 18/4/2012 at 16:00
Type: Paper Session: Session 3B
One of the most important tasks of the Lyra mission is to create a dense all-sky grid of high-precision photometric standards. The total number of standards should be on the order of several million, and to achieve this goal, more than 300 million stars will be measured in the course of the mission. The system must contain standards in all ranges of magnitudes from the brightest stars down to 16 ... More
Presented by Dr. Aleksey MIRONOV, Andrei DAMBIS on 18/4/2012 at 16:20
Type: Paper Session: Session 3B
Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University is currently developing the “Lyra” space mission with the aim to conduct a multicolor photometric all-sky survey of stars from 3m to 16-17m onboard the ISS and produce a high-precision photometric catalog of stellar standards. The photometric accuracy of the catalog is expected to be 0.001-0.003m for stars brighter than 12m and 0.01m ... More
Presented by Dr. Mikhail PROKHOROV
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