Quantum Computing Internship for Physics Undergraduates

Hank Lamm (Fermilab - Theroy), Judy Nunez (Fermilab), Mike Wagman (Fermilab - Theory), Monica Martinez (Fermilab - Theory), Ruth Van De Water (Fermilab - Theory)

In this three-week online program, participants will gain hands-on experience programming for existing quantum computers using Python and Qiskit. This will be supplemented by daily lectures on the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and quantum computing. The program will culminate in participants running their own code on an IBM quantum computer.


What will be covered?

  • Basics of Quantum Mechanics
  • Computational Complexity: Why We Need Quantum Computers
  • Physics Simulations on Classical and Quantum Computers
  • Noisy Quantum Devices & Quantum Error Corrections

Who can apply?

Open to those enrolled in U.S. college or university in physics and who have taken freshman-level Physics coursework. Exposure to quantum mechanics and programming is useful but not required. The program aims to increase diversity in scientific research and the engineering workforce; students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Must be eligible to work in the U.S.