Resources for Magnet Test and Installation at DAB

    • 1
      Cost estimate for installation and commissioning of cryogenic system
      Speaker: David Montanari (Fermilab)
    • 2
      Cost estimate for receiving magnet at DAB
      Speaker: Claudio Silverio Montanari (INFN-Pavia)
    • 3
      Cost estimate for connection of magnet to cryogenic system and cool-down
      Speaker: Renzhuo Wang (SLAC)
    • 4
      Cost estimate for obtaining ORC and performing low-current magnet testing
      Speaker: Michael Tartaglia (Fermilab Technical Division)
    • 5
      Cost estimate for supporting installation of inner tracking elements inside magnet
      Speaker: Claudio Silverio Montanari (INFN-Pavia)
    • 6
      Cost estimate for transporting magnet from DAB to Near Detector Facility
      Speaker: Mike Dinnon (Fermilab)