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Summer Shutdown AD Weekly Friday 09:00 meeting

Friday, August 20, 2021 - 9:00 AM
H-rise (One West)

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Aug 20, 2021
9:00 AM Crew Chief Report   (One West)
9:04 AM Run Co   (One West)
9:08 AM Linac   (One West)
9:12 AM MTA - Jason St.john (Fermilab) Alyssa Miller   (One West)
9:15 AM ITA - Evan Niner (Fermilab) Mandy Kiburg (Fermilab) Eugene Schmidt (Fermilab) Jason St.john (Fermilab)   (One West)
9:18 AM Booster   (One West)
9:20 AM Booster Neutrino   (One West)
9:23 AM BNB Experiments   (One West)
9:25 AM Main Injector & Recycler   (One West)
9:28 AM NuMI   (One West)
9:30 AM NuMI Experiments   (One West)
9:33 AM Muon Rings   (One West)
9:36 AM Muon Experiments   (One West)
9:38 AM SY120, Neutrino Muon, Meson Test, Meson Center   (One West)
9:41 AM SY120 Experiments   (One West)
9:44 AM FAST/IOTA   (One West)
9:46 AM PIP-II Injector Test   (One West)
9:50 AM Alignment   (One West)
9:53 AM Controls   (One West)
9:56 AM Cryo   (One West)
9:59 AM ES&H   (One West)
10:02 AM EE Support   (One West)
10:04 AM Instrumentation   (One West)
10:07 AM Mechanical & Fluids   (One West)
10:10 AM RF   (One West)
10:13 AM FESS - Gilbert   (One West)
10:16 AM IERC site prep   (One West)
10:18 AM LBNF Project   (One West)
10:21 AM Summer Shutdown 2021   (One West)