Token Transition Workshop

Brian Bockelman (Morgridge Institute for Research), Brian Lin (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Derek Weitzel (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Kenneth Herner (Fermilab), Pascal Paschos (University of Chicago), Wei Yang (SLAC)

The Token Transition Workshop will be an opportunity for system and service administrators in the broader science communities to learn more about making the transition from certificates to tokens for resource access within your organization's infrastructure.  You will be able to share with the community your readiness to make this transition and to learn approaches and processes that organizations are taking for the transition. The deadline for the end of support of OSG 3.5 will be impacted by the information shared in the Workshop.

The two-day workshop features a variety of presentations and discussions. Topics that will be discussed include: the future of tokens, the OSPool's use of tokens, OSG Software token transition plans, and the status of the transition to tokens for various communities. We will also discuss tokens from both a technical system administrator perspective and an administrative policy perspective.

The recordings of the workshop sessions can be found here.

Token Transition Workshop
  • Thursday, October 14
    • State of Tokens in OSG
      Convener: Frank Wuerthwein (UCSD)
    • 11:00 AM
    • Collaboration Transition Plans
    • 12:15 PM
    • Collaboration Transition Plans
      • 8
        Token Transition Report: CMS

        The CMS experiment relies on many softwares provided by the Open Science Grid (OSG) for its computing needs. HTCondor and GlideinWMS are two examples of OSG maintained tools used in the workload management area. As the upcoming OSG series 3.6 plans to remove any dependency from the Grid Community Toolkit, experiments have to adopt alternatives for softwares like GridFTP (data transfer), and GSI (authentication and authorization infrastructure).

        This contribution reports the status of the transition toward a token based authorization for the CMS experiment, with particular focus on the usage of SCITOKENS for pilot submission toward Grid sites, and IDTokens for communications between HTCondor daemons. An overview of the efforts done to migrate the transfer infrastructure toward a token based approach to file transfers will also be given.

        Speaker: Marco Mascheroni (FNAL)
      • 9
        Token Transition Report: FNAL
        Speaker: Mine Altunay (FNAL)
      • 10
        Token Transition Report: BNL
        Speaker: Doug Benjamin (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))
  • Friday, October 15
    • Rucio, FTS and Bearer Token
    • Open Discussion
      • 12
        Open Discussion of Token Transition
        Speakers: Brian Bockelman (Morgridge Institute for Research), Brian Lin (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Derek Weitzel (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)
    • Policy Working Session
      • 13
        Policy Working Session

        Moderated by Brian Bockelman and Brian Lin

        Speakers: Brian Bockelman (Morgridge Institute for Research), Brian Lin (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • Technical Working Session
    • 12:00 PM
    • Policy Working Session
      • 16
        Policy Working Session

        Moderated by Brian Lin and Brian Bockelman

    • Technical Working Session
      • 17
        HTCondor-CE Hackathon
        Speaker: Matyas Selmeci (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • 2:00 PM
    • Wrap-Up
      • 18
        Speaker: Frank Wuerthwein (UCSD)